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CARE Bangladesh - Career Opportunity

CARE Bangladesh 

Career Opportunity

Position: Learning and Development Coordinator
At CARE, we seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been 
overcome and people live with dignity and security. Today, CARE is a global leader in the 
movement to eradicate poverty. CARE worked in 95 countries and reached 65 million people
with an incredible range of life-saving programs. We also put women and girls at the center 
of our work because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal 
rights and opportunities.
We seek dynamic, innovative thinkers to further our mission. If you share our core beliefs:
poverty is an injustice; poverty is solvable; and together, we have the power to end it, join us.
Currently, CARE BD is looking for a potential FEMALE candidate as
Learning and Development Coordinator for HRD&M Department.
Location: Based at CARE Bangladesh Dhaka Office.
The duration of the contract will be initially 5 (Five) years with high possibility 
of extension.
I.          Job Summary:  
The Learning and Development Coordinator works alongside the Director of
Human Resources for all Organizational Development interventions and also
training initiatives for staff of all seniority and background. The L&D Coordinator
is expected to design and also administer formal classroom and e-learning
programs that are offered to CARE staff across the country.  S/he integrates the
Staff development plans across the organization into a formal training plan for
follow up and execute throughout the year to continuously upskill the talent level
of the organization. The incumbent has experience in adult learning, training
methods and evaluation, webinar management and execution, group
presentation and instructional design, with CARE’s competency needs
aligned and focused towards the overall strategic priorities.
The L&D Coordinator is also responsible for identifying appropriate partners
who will collaborate with CARE in the design and development of
workshops, programs, e-learning and webinars to enhance the knowledge and
skills of CARE staff. The incumbent is also expected to maintain a
communication network with all CARE offices to ensure timely and accurate
delivery, tracking and evaluation and updating of all programs offered
through the different class room sessions, CARE Academy or any other
training and development platform.
As part of the HR team the support provided includes conducting new
employee program offerings; new hire onboarding and administering our
orientation program and other mandatory training modules.  S/he will also be
managing the administration of the CARE Academy platform and support, the
execution of all CARE’s employee engagement and productivity
enhancement programs.

II.         Responsibilities and Tasks:  
% of Time
Responsibility # 01: Training and Development Program Management
  • Consult and coordinate with the senior leaders and other stakeholders to identify critical training and development needs (both department/unit specific and also cross cutting across organizations)
  • Design and implement customized training programs to address the need gaps of individual skill levels
  • Identify and manage internal and external training partners for content and delivery, including staff who are subject matter experts. Communicate and agree with them on clear deliverables and manage expectations of the service receiving team.
  • Design and implement - in close liaison with the senior leadership; different change management and performance enhancement programs.
  • Design and implement programs customized for the enhancement of leadership capabilities in Women.
  • Develop and execute programmatic initiatives such as mentoring, leadership and professional development forums, coaching and assessments, rotational on the job learning, TDYs etc
  • Maintain the talent bench strength and appropriate succession planning through the Talent Review Process.

Job Responsibility #2: Management and maintenance of CARE Academy
  • Manage, administer and provide support of the day to day and ongoing operation, maintenance, usage, analysis and administration of CARE Academy.
  • Maintain expertise and functions as the point of contact for learning activities in CARE Academy.  Function as the Primary Care Academy Administrator in Bangladesh and serve as the first point of contact for issue resolution for new and continuous users alike.
  • Research and promote available modules in CARE Academy to ensure positive and impactful learning experiences for end users and to create virtual learning paths/programs as needed.
  • Evaluate the success of learning sources, programs and techniques.
  • Lead process improvement efforts, primarily in the areas of workflow, system enhancements and utilization.
  • Collaborate with to liaisons and other key stakeholders ensure consistency, share best practices, and drive end user usage.
  • Conduct audits to ensure programs that appropriate training has been assigned to users and they have been completed accordingly.
  • Develop and maintain end user documentation.  Manage training materials and create improved training documentation as needed. Provide system training to new and existing users. 

Job Responsibility #3: Cross cutting training initiatives
  • Coordinate activities related to training events including with a special focus on CARE’s Management Matters program.  These activities include: participant travel, producing and distribution of participate communications and vendor management, etc.
  • Support mandatory training administration including reporting, monitoring completion and troubleshooting issues in partnership with compliance and external service providers.
  • Provide assistance with assessment administration like APAA (e.g. 360 feedback, HBDI and post-program assessments) including communicating instructions to participants and producing reports for individuals and key stakeholders.
  • Formalize staff development plans from the APAA process into a rolling training plan for the organization with both short and long term focus.
  • Organize and assist in developing learning manuals, pre-work and course evaluation procedures.
  • Present, facilitate and co-train information programs in support of L&D activities as requested.
  • Manage and maintain the talent inventory with appropriate and aspirational training and development interventions – commensurating the talent potential.

Job Responsibility #4: Orientation & Internship
  • Enhance the overall quality and consistency of the staff onboarding program to ensure a high class assimilation experience and also strong integration into the values of CARE Bangladesh as an employer.
  • Provide leadership on all CARE Orientation programs, ensuring orientation is up to date, relevant and meets new hire needs.
  • Manage and run CARE’s flagship internship program for women only.
  • Manage all aspects of orientation and internship program including; logistics, communication, and facilitation.
  • Continually assess orientation and internship program effectiveness using both qualitative and quantitative methods and partner with other HR colleagues and senior business leaders to manage, update and support core orientation and onboarding programs and also the learning modules in the internship program
  • Ensure program effectiveness and overall new hire satisfaction. Ensure that the Internship program serves as a strong pipeline for entry level talent throughout the organization.
  • Seek new tools and methods to enhance and support the orientation and internship experience.

Job Responsibility #5: HR  Department Support
  • Work closely with the HR team to coordinate and prioritize whatever tasks are needed to ensure our learning programs are successfully executed.
  • Develop marketing material and communications in conjunction with other team members to promote relevant courses or learning opportunities in a timely manner.
  • Provide technical assistance, logistics support when required particularly in relation to on-line development assessments; workshops, and WebEx sessions.
  • Respond to staff with queries regarding their development on opportunities and resources.
  • Identify cost efficient opportunities for resourcing CARE’s learning and development work. 
  • Invoice reconciliation for department related charges and support with budgets, and administration of funds related to L&D initiatives.

III.        Reporting to:  
  HR Director

IV.        Working Condition:  
The position is based at CARE-Bangladesh Headquarter in Dhaka and will require
field visits as and when necessary

Qualifications (Know-How)
  • Master’s Degree in Social Sciences or Arts (Education,Communication, Psychology, Development studies, Business, etc.)
  • 5-7 years’ experience in learning and development and/or talent management
Technical Skills
  • 5-7 years’ experience in managing and using eLearning and online training content.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; an articulate communicator including solid presentation skills.
  • Technology Savvy with updated learning techniques and mechanisms
  • Flexible and available to interact with employees at all levels. Proactive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Focused and disciplined. Strong organizational skills, great follow through on tasks, able to juggle multiple competing priorities.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Experience managing training budgets
  • Experience with instructional media (including instructor-led, online, and virtual instructor-led training)
  • Experience developing training programs for geographically dispersed teams
  • Experience with learning management systems and software.       
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Conviction and firm belief on the importance of gaining gender equity and diversity
  • Energy and positive constructive attitude
  • Openness to change and ability to manage complexities

Candidates need to be highly motivated and committed to CARE Bangladesh’s vision, 
mission, and long term development work to significantly improve the lives of the most 
vulnerable and marginalized. Candidates must be capable of displaying great learning agility, 
support and encouragement of knowledge sharing across projects, to the ultimate benefit of all 
of CARE’s mission wide initiatives. 
This is an interesting time in the development of CARE as an organization which is shifting 
towards a program approach where it has developed longer-term impact visions to have 
MORE sustainable changes in the lives of the extreme poor and marginalized. CARE is 
looking for a Learning and Development Coordinator  who will play a key role in the leadership 
of the for HRD&M Department whilst at the same time building a learning culture that 
promotes knowledge sharing across CARE and excellence. 
Attractive remuneration package will be offered to the really deserving person. In addition, 
CARE offers PF, Gratuity, Bonus, Leave encashment, Life Insurance, Baby care facilities, 
working mother benefits etc.
Interested candidates meeting the above requirements should apply online through on or before February 11, 2017. 
  • Women are especially encouraged to apply
  • Any persuasion will disqualify the candidates
  • Internal and external applicants shall be treated equally in the entire selection process.


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